Childhood Photo

Back then, we lived in the South Bronx, and a photographer would come to our apartment and for a few dollars he’d take my picture. This was important to my father, this capturing of my essence. For some reason, the photographer only came during the week, so I would have to stay home from school.
I remember how giddy with excitement I would be because I would get to stay home with  my grandmother, to be  engulfed by her sweet comforting smells of Oregano and Bay Rum.
I felt safe.
I came to writing for healing when I was a therapist at a trauma center for children. As part of my self-care writing became a safe haven. There in the silence of my room, in front of my old computer and the white page I could be free.
Writing comforted me.
Creativity connected me to life, to a creative flow, a joy and compassion. It was what healed me, and this is what I hope for you. If you are therapist, mental health counselor, social worker who loves words, and the therapeutic impact of narrative, just email me @ as I am starting a once a month writing group for therapist who understand the power of therapeutic writing.
My practice is in Croton-on-Hudson, so you will find me here.
Creative writing is slow these days as I navigate the terrains of academia, teaching, research and managing a wonderful scholarship. To learn more about my professional self go here:
Touro College Graduate School of Social Work
My professional writing is housed in Academia edu

Recent Research:

Baez, A. and Rodriguez, V.; Espinal-Suarez, Cynthia (11/16). College Student Inventory, Overall Risk and Persistence for First Year Students in College Discovery Program at Bronx Community College”,  Volume VI,  Fall Issue of the HETS Online Journal.

 I have come to realize that all things are possible, and we can be the beautiful diverse self we were meant to be, that’s why I always pray. I pray to be in touch with all of the wonder in me, and to honor the potential and wonder in you.

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