My Daughter’s Eyes Stories – Lehman College Podcast

I happen to work in a place that honors people, every day there is someone being honored for their accomplishments, so on February 25th, the Women’s Studies honored me during their faculty read for Black history month.

I was torned between multiple activities that week, counseling sessions with students, clinical supervision and clinical training, a conference here, a meeting there, and then the budget had to be done by March 13th, all of this on top of family, friends, art, yoga, and zen.

I understand why people write and don’t work, or they write and work part time. Writing takes your body and your breathe, it is an all day body practice, when you love writing, you don’t want to do anything else but write, and yet, I love my work as much as I love to write, and I cannot let it go for writing. I have learned to live in this polygamous relationship, that is, my writing and my work, understanding I love them both.

So, on February 25th, I had to read for Women’s Studies, as promised, and they hooked me up to a microphone and all, and created a little podcast that I shall share here.

It is so interesting to hear my own voice, the ummm, and ahhh and the catching of the breathe, and then the sound of my voice, loud enough so that the sixty students, and faculty that where there could hear me.

It reminded me of the first time I heard my voice on a tape recorder, or the first time I saw myself on film. So, here is the podcast, I shall share with you today :


3 thoughts on “My Daughter’s Eyes Stories – Lehman College Podcast

  1. Hey, Annecy. I love hearing you read (your voice sounds great on podcast–LOL), and what you say about your writing journey so much mirrors my own. I imagine what a gift this reading (and your work) must have been to the audience. Mujer, sigue en lo tuyo. Always an inspiration. Saludos a la familia. (NR)

  2. Annecy, it’s so good to find your blog. I discovered you on the anthology “Viajeros del rocío”, where I was also included. I loved your story (Besos de mariposa/Butterfly kisses). Now I see you work at Lehman College. Is that right? I know Lehman very well.

  3. Señora Báez,
    I purchased a couple of copies of your book as gifts – Thank you for writing such wonderful stories.
    Un caluroso saludo desde Boston.

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