Leonard Lief Library – Reading

I have been asked to read at the Lehman College Leonard Lief Library. It is very strange to read where I work because my colleagues know me in one way, as a Director, and my students know me in another way, as a therapist to them, the person who counsels them when there is a difficulty, or a joy to share. Now, I am here with a book maybe about a girl like them, and with a story like theirs. I thank the students who read these stories, and then write letters to me thanking me for writing it, and sharing how they too one day will write their stories. I so sincerely appreciate this. I want to thank the library, and the staff who broke the mold, and did something creative at Lehman College, and decided to host me as the first literary reading ever. Thank you!

On Friday, I will be reading Besos de Mariposas, a new story published in two different anthologies :Viajeros del Rocio: 25 Narradores Dominicanos de la Diaspora and Riverine: An Anthology of Hudson Valley Writers. I will be reading at the Dominican Cultural Center.

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