The RiverFlowing

Annecy Baez 
(This poem first appeared in John Hopkins University’s Literary Journal Callaloo 23.3 (2000) 979)

My husband kneels before me opens my legs

and rests his head upon my right thigh

I stroke his face his beard and trace with the tip of my

index finger the shape of his nose

I caress his bald head where gray wiry hairs

fight back the test of time

I kiss his bald spot as if my kisses could make

things grow

Overwhelmed as I am by my loving feelings for him

I take a deep breath and think of love

how precious it is when one is present and

it is happening


so calm like the flow of the river in the morning

The river

muddy ice at times thick turbulent waves at others

like love unpredictable

And because of this

I enjoy this time of loving breathing in this memory

to retrieve it like a jewel when the time comes

Annecy Baez  This poem first appeared in Callaloo 23.3 (200) 979 

 Missing your presence here on earth…